D day I realised i was in love;
D day I admitted u wer d man of my lyf;
D day I started moulding myself 2 b d best gal u cud hav;
D day I started enjoying ur possessiveness;
D day I surrendered 2 ur fantasies;
D day I slept under d heaviness of ur naked body;
Dose days....
Everyday came wid a special gift...

I wished if life continued 2 b d same always
But destiny tuk us sumwhere else.

Getting u was my biggest dream ever
D same eventually became my biggest dream cum true
Ur love became my biggest luxury;
In ur love, I 4got 2 take care of myself;
Pampering u became my new happiness
Loving u became a new way of lyf;

But, like any dream wud do,
It all ended in a wake up;
A wake up to d reality....
But I still wish to sleep; to dream-
But only if no1 wud wake me up, ever!!!